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Farm Animals

Helping farmers in their aims to increase standards

McKenzie Vets is a long established traditional mixed veterinary practice, with vets that are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care to all the animals that we care for.

Our vets are eager to help our farmers in their aims to increase standards of productivity, animal welfare and profitability.

Our vets are very experienced in working within all sectors of the production animal sector including:

  • Dairy Herds
  • Beef Herds
  • Sheep Flocks

Our team are also happy to treat goats, small camelides, pigs and poultry.

Specialist Farm Animal Care

We pride ourselves on providing excellent services in the above areas including:

  • Preventative herd/flock medicine (Herd Health plans/ Assurance schemes)
  • In-house laboratory testing as well as working closely with specialist farm animal labs
  • Quick and effective treatment of sick and injured animals
  • Fertility services
  • Advice on: husbandry, housing, nutrition, disease and parasite control
  • Government work for our own clients (TB testing, BVD and export certificates)

We are also able to advise our clients on appropriate hi-health schemes.

Please give us a call to arrange care of your farm animals.

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